Say goodbye to sleepless nights
and hello to happy mornings.

Are you an exhausted Mama looking for a roadmap out of the blur of sleep deprivation?

Are you tired of living in survival mode with your baby, not knowing when or IF things are going to get easier?

Are you exhausted from literally trying EVERYTHING to get your baby to sleep?

Are you tired of being told that everything your experiencing is normal and you just have to wait (and hope!)  for it to eventually get better?

If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place.

As an experienced Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Coach, I’m here to give you the tools, confidence, clarity and most importantly the ongoing support to be able to shape your baby’s sleep habits in a way that feels right to you.

This could be your new reality…

  • Peace- Your baby can settle himself to sleep and back to sleep independently. 
  •  Fulfilling other Responsibilities – Taking care of your household, work, relationships, or other children.
  • Predictability- Your day starts at the same time and ends roughly 12 hours later.
  • Adaptability– You can plan outings, appointments, or socializing around your baby’s nap times and know that if a stroller or car nap has to happen that’s OK! Predictability and adaptability are built into your day.
  • Refreshment– You have time for self care and rest, to wind down in the evening, to read, watch a show, spend time with your spouse or take a hot bath.
  • Consistency- You have the peace of mind that comes when you KNOW that everyone in your home is going to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Time Away- Date nights or girls nights are a normal part of your life. Having a baby that is an independent sleeper means other people can take care of your baby with ease. 
Beautiful little girl in a crib - Your Sleeping Baby
I will help you decode your baby’s sleep language so you can begin to meet his sleep needs in an empowered, confident way.

A way that brings balance and margin back into your life.

Laying the foundation for healthy sleep will not only serve your child for the rest of his life…

but it will take your entire family from surviving to thriving.

Don’t let sleep deprivation rob you of the joy of parenthood for one more day. I PROMISE, you will be AMAZED at what your baby is capable of!

We would be at a total loss without Mamie as far as sleeping goes. She has been a God-send and I recommend her to friends with new babies all the time. My one big thing that I say is “Don’t wait to call her! Call her NOW and get going because the road will be easier the sooner you start.”

The Rowe Family

Here’s the deal Mama…

Sometimes we have problems that are too big or too overwhelming to fix on our own.

There’s too much for our brains to wrap around and too much conflicting information for us to sort through. We’re too tired and need an expert to take us by the hand and help guide us.

Being a sleep expert is not your job.

You just want to be a Mama ( And a well-rested Mama at that!) And that’s where I come in…I’m here to educate you so you have a clear understanding of your baby’s sleep ( or should I say sleeplessness??).

I’m here to empower you with an actionable, straightforward plan on how to create an independent sleeper. I will help you decode your baby’s sleep language and teach you everything your baby wants you to know. I will hold your hand and lead you step by step down the path that ends with a baby and a Mama that are both well rested and a family that can be the best version of themselves again.

You don’t need to flounder for one more minute or spend yet another night endlessly rocking or bouncing your baby to sleep.

Stop the googling and second guessing once and for all and let’s get your family sleeping again.

New born Twins -Your Sleeping Baby

Here’s the truth…

Your baby’s current routine (what feels normal to him) has become rooted in him because of consistency.

When the same routine is done over and over day after day that routine begins to feel normal and safe to your baby.

Whether that routine promotes sleep or promotes sleeplessness, it’s all your baby knows. Unfortunately, many parents promote sleeplessness unknowingly for months or even years simply because they don’t understand their baby’s language for sleep.

And honestly why would you?  

It’s not your job to be a sleep expert. It’s your job to be a great Mama.

But how can you do that if you’re living in a blur of sleep deprivation?

The truth is, you can’t..

But here’s the good news…

When you have the right tools, the right environment, and the right responses, you can use that same consistency to promote sleep… And that consistency is what will bring you to the other side.

The side where your baby can go to sleep and stay asleep independently. The side where you can wake up each morning feeling rested, refreshed and excited to see your baby.

The side where naps happen each day without fail and bedtime is no longer a 2-hour process.

I was amazed that within a week, both babies were sleeping 12 hours a night and taking great naps during the day. I honestly never thought it was possible and Mamie made it happen in just a few days.”

Melissa G.
Mother holding her child

Isn’t it time to give your family the rest you all so desperately need?

If you’re ready to put an end to the sleepless nights and unpredictable naps, and to start giving your baby the restorative sleep that his body and brain need to learn and grow.

There is no better time to start than today.

Schedule your no obligation call to connect with me.

Every family deserves to be happy, healthy, and well-rested!

Beauty From Ashes Ranch
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Beauty From Ashes Ranch is a faith-based nonprofit organization that is building a long-term holistic care facility for rescued children ages 11-17 years old who are survivors of sex trafficking.

10% of every dollar made will be donated to The Beauty from Ashes Ranch to help young girls heal from the trauma of Sex trafficking.

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