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Mamie Krueger

If you are an exhausted, frustrated mama feeling completely confused about all of the conflicting information regarding sleep and babies, and if you just want someone to walk alongside you and give you a step-by-step plan for getting the littles in your house to sleep independently, then you have come to the right place!

My name is Mamie Krueger (May-mee) and I am a Certified Newborn Care Specialist and sleep coach.

I have a passion for helping families create a restful home by teaching them how to implement healthy sleep habits and instill age-appropriate sleep boundaries within their homes.

I find that there is no greater satisfaction than seeing these families flourish as they start creating healthy habits for their babies and toddlers. It is truly a privilege to be invited to support families during such an important time in their lives and the lives of their children.

Your Sleeping Baby | Newborn Sleep Consultation
I work with babies and toddlers ages 0-3 years old. I give moms and dads a sleep plan that fits their family’s beliefs and values and provide the education and much needed day to day support they need to be successful in both the short and long term.  I am extremely grateful that I get to do something I absolutely love and believe in; something that has such a positive impact on families’ lives for years to come. 

I would love to meet your family and see how I can best help you on your journey to raising kiddos that love to sleep, where everyone in your home is getting the rest they need to be at their absolute best!

“Mamie’s service was the best experience and investment we could have made for ourselves and our baby. After 3 months she is sleeping from 7 pm to 7am without waking up!”

The Cohen Family

A Good Nights Rest is the Foundation for a Day Well Lived…

My Philosophy

I believe that many babies have the ability to sleep through the night by 3-4 months of age and that newborns have an amazing ability to self settle as long as they feel safe and secure.

I believe to teach sleep fundamentals at ANY age you don’t have to sacrifice secure attachment that comes through meeting your child’s needs in a timely manner.

You can still cuddle, hold, rock, baby-wear, and do contact naps if you choose. I’m a big believer in adaptability and predictability and that both need to be a part of your parenting lifestyle. 

I believe that in order for parents to be the best version of themselves sleep is not optional and that living for months on end in a sleep-deprived state doesn’t serve anyone. I don’t believe that you have to Martyr yourself to be a great mom. 

Every human has a basic need for sleep and your baby is no different. Giving your baby the tools, the reassurance, and the environment to become an independent sleeper is truly one of the best gifts you can give your child.

It’s a gift that becomes rooted over time and continues to serve him for the rest of his life. 

My Approach

I believe that when we do hard things, it’s always easier if we have a guide. Whether we want to lose weight, get out of debt, learn to cook or start a business, everything is easier when someone holds your hand and shows you the way.

This is what I do and it’s how I’ve run my business from the beginning. I want to ensure that you have the right answers when you need them and I want to be there to give you the encouragement you need to stay the course.

I will be there to celebrate the wins as well as recalibrate if your baby takes a few steps back.  I am 100% committed to your success and will be there to walk alongside you for the entire process.

Everything I teach and believe in is based on the belief that every family deserves to be happy, healthy, and well-rested. 

My Process

  • I will send you a detailed Sleep Questionnaire, which I analyze before we meet
  • We meet through zoom and walk through your goals for your family’s sleep and go over your questionnaire together. We discuss all aspects of sleep and address all questions and concerns. You leave with a custom plan to get your baby from your current sleep situation to a baby that has learned how to sleep independently
  • I hold your hand and we execute the plan together
“With Mamie’s education, guidance and never-ending patience, Ethan was eating on a routine almost immediately and sleeping 11 hours through the night at 11 weeks old! Because Ethan was such a great sleeper and on such a solid daytime routine it made the transition when I had to return to work so much easier.”

David & Carol J.

My Heart…

I absolutely hate to see moms and dads stuck in the land of sleep deprivation when I KNOW that there’s help available that can get them unstuck!

I’m here because I’ve been in your shoes and I know what it feels like to live in debilitating sleep deprivation. But I also know that there IS a way out that DOESN’T sacrifice attachment or bonding.

A way that allows you to be there to comfort, reassure and assist while also teaching your baby the skill of falling asleep and staying asleep independently. 

There is truly nothing more rewarding than leading a family out of sleep deprivation and into the land of oh, so satisfying sleep! 

My Story…

My name is Mamie Krueger. I am 51 years old and have been married for 28 years. I have 3 grown children, 2 sons and a daughter.

My passion for babies and sleep came when I had my first child and was completely unprepared for the round the clock care that a newborn required!

I fed constantly and responded to every whimper immediately with no thought as to WHY my baby was actually crying. I was up many times throughout the night and was severely sleep deprived.

Then, when he was only 9 months old I got pregnant again! I knew I needed help but didn’t know what else to do.

The Hoffman Quintuplets

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Thankfully I had a sister-in-law that came to my rescue and told me about the benefit of creating structure in my baby’s day (which I laughed at!) and using that structure along with other strategies to give my baby a healthy sleep foundation from the beginning.

I honestly didn’t believe it was possible (after all I was an exclusively nursing mama and everything I read told me that nursing babies don’t sleep through the night), but then I proceeded to watch her do it with her new baby. It was amazing! I had never seen such a happy, well rested baby which in turn meant happy, well rested parents!

I started reading books that she recommended and by the time my second baby was born I had a framework for how to naturally start creating healthy sleep habits from the beginning.

That framework allowed me to be able to be proactive in creating age-appropriate structure, while still meeting all of my babies needs for food, holding, soothing and cuddling. Needless to say the difference between my two babies and my ability to manage my family was huge! With my second, I was never even sleep deprived. There was order and routine in our day and night. I was able to handle two children under 18 months better than I ever was able to handle just one baby.

Not only that but he was the happiest, most well-adjusted, content baby I had ever seen!

I knew that it was because he had a confident, rested mama and that he was getting the rest that his growing body so desperately needed. I was a much happier mom because I was well rested and I actually had time to myself during the day while both my babies were peacefully napping.

It was a win-win situation for everyone in our family. I became such a believer that I started helping other people in my circle and teaching them about establishing healthy sleep habits when their babies were young, so they could experience the rest and order with their babies that I had experienced with mine.

In 2010 a door was opened for me to turn my passion for helping other families into a career, while still being able to care for my own family and be the wife and mother that I loved so much!

I enrolled in the NCSA certification program which took my knowledge of newborns and sleep shaping to an even deeper level. From 2010- 2018 I acquired more than 15,000 hours of in home newborn care and sleep shaping experience working as a Newborn Care Specialist. This training has given me extensive hands on experience working with babies at night, teaching them the sleep fundamentals they need to sleep through the night by 12-14 weeks old.

This unique profession of being a Newborn Care Specialist has given me an invaluable skillset, unique learning opportunities and knowledge that many sleep experts lack.  I started consulting with families in 2012 and have worked with hundreds of families virtually, and in-home, teaching them how to create independent sleepers.

“Her knowledge & passion for what she does allowed my “sleep deprived” family to have a sense of calmness & organization back, even with twins!”

Nicole D.

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