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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be crying?
It depends on a variety of factors. 

If your baby is younger than 3 months there is typically no resistance at all. If your baby does fuss at this age, it is because fussing helps your baby to get his energy out, and it is a natural, normal part of a baby putting himself to sleep.

If he is older than 3 months then he will probably let you know that he doesn’t like the new routine. This is normal and to be expected. Changing habits feel uncomfortable for a few days but the resistance is generally short-lived and after a few days you have a baby that is settling in nicely to a new routine. Disposition also plays a role in crying and a strong-willed baby is going to resist more than an easier baby. Just know that this is normal and while it never feels good in the moment it is generally very short-lived and on the other side of that resistance is a baby that has learned the valuable skill of sleep. That sleep is life-changing not only for you but for your baby. 

I always do my best to minimize tears and help your baby get through the extinction burst as quickly as possible. I will give you a clear plan for how to handle crying and teach you how to balance comfort and reassurance with stepping back and allowing your baby to learn the new skill of putting himself to sleep. Your baby needs BOTH of these things and I will coach you so you understand what to do, when to do it  and the WHY behind it.

I can’t afford a sleep package, can you still help me?
Yes definitely! Reach out to me and we’ll figure out a way to get you the help you need within your budget. I also am happy to offer payment plans to make it easier.

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Am I sacrificing attachment if I decide to sleep train?
Absolutely Not! 

This is one of the biggest myths surrounding sleep training and one that needs to be addressed over and over again.  Your baby is constantly being held, fed, rocked, worn, talked to, sung to etc. His needs are being met in a timely manner day after day. He lives in a loving home with loving parents. A few days of changing his sleep routine is not going to suddenly cause your baby to not trust you anymore or to detach from you.  There is no science behind this at all even though I know it is preached strongly from certain groups. The science actually says the opposite. Babies that are rested actually have shown in studies that they have lower levels of cortisol than babies that are on a sleep deficit. Cortisol is a stress hormone.

Sleep deprivation is a stress on our bodies and after one night of less than adequate sleep our brains and bodies performance suffers. Studies have actually shown stronger attachment when both mom and baby are rested. Which is honestly complete common sense in my opinion! A mama that gets breaks during the day while her baby is napping and gets adequate rest at night is going to be in a much healthier state both physically and mentally to meet the needs of her young baby day after day.   Not to mention simply being able to enjoy her baby without the burden that sleep deprivation brings.

Is sleep training going to hinder my baby’s development?
Most certainly not! In fact, the exact opposite is true. What will hinder your baby’s development is living in a chronically sleep-deprived state.  I want you to think about all the learning and development and growth that happens during the first year of life. Now think about yourself. Do you learn best when you’re sleep-deprived or when you’re rested and refreshed? Rested and refreshed, right!?? Well, your baby is no different. He’s a human being that has sleep needs just like you. Every human learns better when they’ve had a good night’s sleep. All kinds of great things happen in our brains when we sleep. One of those things is the consolidation of memories. Sleep also prepares our brains to learn new information the following day. Considering how much new information your baby is getting every single day, a good night’s rest helps tremendously to support their developing brain and also helps to support mood regulation. This means that a well-rested baby is typically more adaptable and easygoing. Learning new things comes easier. Development is not only NOT delayed, but development is supported through quality sleep.
Am I going to be stuck in my house all the time if I decide to sleep train?
No, however I do like as much consistency as possible for the first week. I like babies to get as much practice as possible going down in the crib when first starting sleep training. This consistency is very helpful for getting baby over the hump as quickly as possible. Once we do that then you can certainly be flexible with your routine. There will be days where car naps or stroller naps happen. Especially if you have other kids. The goal is to give you predictability along with flexibility. Having said that, I am definitely a believer in protecting your baby’s sleep so using sitters when you need to be out during your baby’s sleep times can make for a better and easier day for everyone. 
Will sleep training work if my baby goes to daycare?
Yes definitely and daycare is one of my favorite things to help you navigate. A good daycare situation is worth its weight in gold in my opinion and there are lots of things to think through when making a decision.  Daycare and sleep can definitely go hand in hand as long as you choose the right daycare situation for your baby. 
Will this still work even if I'm breastfeeding?
100% Yes! I was a BF mama myself and 2 of my 3 kids were sleep trained when they were young babies. I would say the majority of families I work with are nursing families. Breastfeeding  and sleep can definitely go hand in hand.  Don’t buy into the myth that a BF baby cannot sleep through the night. It’s simply not true. I will teach you how to ensure your BF baby gets enough daytime calories to sustain long stretches of sleep at night. 
I have a toddler, is it too late to teach good sleep habits?
It’s never too late to sleep train in my opinion. Even if you have a toddler or older child. New Habits and routines can always be learned regardless of age. Kids are very resilient and learning new things is pretty much in their DNA. I can teach you how to create clear boundaries around sleep while also being supportive and reassuring as long as you’re committed to being consistent. This will make the learning process much easier for your toddler. 
I'm terrible at structure and consistency, can I still be successful at sleep training?
We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Once you see how your baby or toddler thrives with consistency and structure  you will have an easier time being structured and consistent 🙂 Honestly though, we are all different and you will find a flow that works for your baby and your family. 
My baby is younger than 3 months. Can I really expect my young baby to learn good sleep habits?
Yes!  This is absolutely the easiest time to start shaping good sleep habits. Getting a strong sleep foundation in place when your baby is young will eliminate the need to formally sleep train later. Your baby will have learned positive habits surrounding sleep that will take root over time and as your baby is developmentally capable he will naturally sleep through the night, because of the skill set that he learned in the early months of his life. This is my favorite time to start as there is typically no resistance or crying. 
“I have no doubt that Mamie’s methods are the reason our girls are so good about bedtime and have been sleeping 12 hours a night since they were 4 months old(13 weeks adjusted age).”

David & Karen K.

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