Just like with any diet, exercise, or any other healthy habit you’re trying to form– What can make it or break it comes down to one thing. 


Once you find the right sleep training method (or methods) pairing it with consistency is the secret sauce. 

This is so CRITICAL for parents to understand. Your effort can be wasted if you don’t STAY CONSISTENT. Inconsistency breeds confusion for your baby. This is something a lot of parents struggle with, and I get it! It’s hard to be consistent if you’re unsure that what you’re doing is even the RIGHT thing TO do!  Throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks isn’t going to get you out of the sleep deprivation tunnel.This is where having a sleep coach by your side makes all the difference in the world. No more second-guessing and trying one thing after another hoping something will work. 

Listen, I understand, as a parent, sleep training can feel like a lot of pressure. It feels scary and it can lead to stress. We don’t want stress so we avoid sleep training.  But I will tell you for certain, there is nothing more stressful for a family than a baby or a toddler who doesn’t sleep. It will literally cause the entire family to begin to unravel if left unchecked. Teaching your child good sleep habits will be the best decision you’ve ever made for the health and wellbeing of your family. You’ll feel better, your baby will feel better and you’ll be wondering why you waited so darn long!

If your baby is older than 3 months then there may be some mild protesting initially. However, this typically subsides very quickly if you are consistent in your responses. While listening to your baby protest, even for just a few minutes can be difficult, don’t let that hold you back from doing what is best for your baby! No parent likes hearing their child upset and sometimes it can feel impossible to remain consistent in those situations. This is why I include ample follow-up support with all my packages so you can stay the course and come out on the other side with a baby that has learned the valuable skill of independent sleep! Remember anytime we change what feels normal to our baby they’re going to let us know that they don’t like it. Your baby is allowed to voice their preferences, but as a parent your job is to do what’s best for your baby and your family as a whole.

Your entire parenting journey is going to involve the need to be consistent. This is how kids learn rules and boundaries. It’s how they learn everything. This is one of the reasons it’s imperative to have someone in your corner that can give you the tools and help you stay focused on the wins and keep progress going.  I help you stay on course, offer encouragement to keep you emotionally strong, and stay connected with you during the entire process. The process is a collaborative process and we tweak things as we go depending on how your baby is responding You will truly be amazed at how soon your baby will be over the hump (3 days is the norm). Much quicker than most parents expect!

Giving your baby the space they need to learn a new skill is super important. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is intervening too quickly because they believe in their hearts that their baby simply isn’t capable of putting themselves to sleep. This belief system can keep them stuck for months or even years. Once you believe your baby CAN sleep the chances that they WILL sleep increase exponentially. 

Just like riding a bike, learning to drive, or learning any new skill,  you have to give your baby time and space to practice. Consistency and a steadfast routine will help reinforce their natural ability to learn. 

Soon, you’ll be seeing progress during naps, longer stretches of sleep at night, and MUCH less protesting. Plus, as your sleep coach, I’m here to help you navigate those times of uncertainty. But here’s the secret, it’s almost ALWAYS easier than parents expect it to be. Parents are typically pleasantly surprised at how quickly their baby is adapting to the new sleep routine. 

It’s just hard to stay consistent when you’re doing it alone. That’s why I’m here to be your guide.

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