Newborn, Toddler, and Parent Sleep Strategies

Tips to Help Parents Sleep Through the Night

Sleep training is more than just helping babies have healthy sleep habits, it’s also there to give parents tips to help parents sleep through the night as well.

When I’m working with parents and helping them get their newborn, infant, and/or toddler to have healthy sleep patterns I often hear from one (or both) parents, “I can’t sleep!” It’s a cry of exasperation and exhaustion!

My job as a sleep consultant for newborns, infants, and toddlers is to also support parents as well. Today we are going to look at tips to help you, the parent, sleep at night.

Here are my tips to help parents sleep through the night:

  1. Limit daytime caffeine and sugar. I know you feel like you need it for survival right now but it’s the thing keeping you from sleep. Limiting these chemicals will give your body the ability to settle into rest mode quicker.
  2. Creating a hard stop for your night is an important part of helping yourself get a good night’s rest. Having a ‘lights out’ time for the house sets a boundary for when your body needs to prepare to wind down and relax. You should commit to setting the ‘lights out’ time no later than an
  3. Begin a good ‘before bedtime’ hygiene routine. This routine should start at least 1-hour before you want to be in bed asleep.
  4. Plan on 30 minutes to fall asleep and prepare accordingly.
  5. White noise, ear plugs, and an eye mask are your BFFs as sensory deprivation is a must when trying to sleep! These things help us shut out the world and shut down our brains and bodies.
  6. Use essential oils on the bottoms of feet and behind the neck as well as diffusing in the bedroom. (My favorites are Balance and Vetiver by Doterra).

  7. Read a book, Do some breath work, pray, meditate or whatever helps to calm your mind and central nervous system.


    And, as sleep training parents, here are the primary ways to support sleep training habits as a family unit:

    • Tag team with your partner/spouse so you can have a night off to just sleep if you have a baby that is still waking. This alone can alleviate a TON of anxiety. Even if baby is sleeping, sleeping in a different room so you can be “off duty” can be especially helpful as you are trying to get your body to begin to be able to sleep again.
    • Only use a monitor if you truly can’t hear your baby if he/she cries. Sleeping with a monitor at full volume with the screen on is going to keep you in a state of alertness all night long. If your room is so far away from your baby that you have to use a monitor, keep it on another side of your bedroom, turn the volume to low, and keep the screen off.

    If you’ve found yourself on google typing “I can’t sleep,” I know the exhaustion is real.

    My job is to support you and your kiddos to help you all transition into a well-rested family. I hope these tips brought a bit of hope for your fatigue!

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    It's okay to need hands on support!

    If you are not sure which route is the best for your rest as your are supporting rest for your family reach out for a consultation. Everyone’s situation is different and what works for some families won’t work for all.

    I’d love to support you and help you ditch the phrase “I can’t sleep through the night!”

    Below are the packages I offer for kiddos. If those apply to you and your family definitely reach out.

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    Look forward to helping you and your kiddos get some much-needed rest!

    Packages for 0-3 Years:

    Expectant Parents

    & Newborns

    (0-4 months)

    I will help to prepare you for bringing home your sweet new baby and help you to start off on the right foot.

    You will learn how to utilize the first 4 months of your baby’s life to slowly, naturally, organically start laying a healthy sleep foundation.

    If you want to avoid the blur of sleep deprivation and uncertainty of being a new parent this program is for you!


    (4-15 months)

    Whether you have a baby that is already on the path to healthy sleep or you have not yet begun to implement sleep fundamentals, this is a GREAT age to start. Your baby is now developmentally capable of sleeping in long stretches and taking in his calories during the day. This program is for you if you have a baby that has not yet learned how to sleep independently and needs some consistency and structure in his day and his nights.


    (15 months – 3 years)

    The toddler years can be some of the absolute best and the absolute hardest. If your toddler is boundary-pushing around sleep times or has just never been a good sleeper now is the time to tackle sleep once and for all. Toddlers, more than any other age, need clear expectations surrounding sleep. They require full emotional tanks and parents who hold strong boundaries making them feel safe and secure.

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    “What is the value of a good night’s sleep? What is the cost of a bad night’s sleep or prolonged sleeplessness?  Many of our family and friends recalled the weeks or even years of broken sleep, lost income, and stress, stress, STRESS which resulted from a child who wouldn’t sleep through the night. No thanks. Let’s avoid that.”

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    10 Simple Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep Better Tonight

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