I know in this day and age we think Google can give us all the answers we need. But sometimes, it can leave us feeling more confused and divided with all the conflicting information. Who knows what to believe? It makes it difficult to know the answer to the search: Why Hire a Sleep Consultant?

The most common reasons I hear when people say they don’t need a sleep consultant is:

  • It’s  too expensive
  • What can you offer that I can’t learn in a book or on a website?
  • I have plenty of family advice or I can figure this out on my own

The most common reason,  understandably, being the cost and the idea that all knowledge can be found online. 

Books are great. Google is great. But it’s not a real human guiding you and speaking directly to your personal situation. After working with a sleep consultant, you’ll be wondering why you waited. 

Let’s tackle a few of these objections and look at the answer to why hire a sleep consultant.

It’s Too Expensive

You must ask yourself: Can you really put a price on sleep? If you are a working parent, getting enough sleep is directly tied to your work performance. Do you think sleep deprivation contributes to how well or how poorly you can do your job?

How much is a well-rested body and mind worth? The quality of your sleep impacts your mood, attitude, and even health. It may seem insignificant, but if your family is grumpy, short-tempered, and impatient because of lack of sleep, doesn’t that nighttime sleep (or lack thereof) spill over into affecting your awake hours?

How important is it for you to have a flow to your day that you can depend on? Predictability and routines that are the same each day and each night. Unpredictable sleep and feeding patterns can seriously upend your life when the lines of night and day get blurred. You’ll have trouble planning things in advance, checking things off your to-do list, or having any designated time for yourself or your spouse. With a sleep coach, you will come away with an invaluable education about all things related to babies and sleep. Plus the skills, and support that will serve you throughout your baby’s development and even apply to future children.

Your day will have routine, flow, and consistency and your nights will be restful. 

You have to ask yourself, what is the value of peaceful nights, structured days, and ongoing support from an expert? Isn’t a well-rested family worth every penny! If you don’t believe me click here to hear from other families like you. If you truly are in a situation where a sleep package is just not possible please reach out to me here and I will come up with a custom option that works for your family. 

I Can Find This On Google or Read a Book

The cost of a book may be a fraction of what a sleep consultation may cost, but a book is coming from a singular point of view. You may browse blogs, forums, and Facebook groups for more support, ideas, and methods- and end up with a lot of conflicting information. 

This is where having an expert becomes an invaluable resource. 

Aside from being a mom of 3 myself, I am a Certified Newborn Care Specialist and sleep coach. I have 12 years of experience working with newborns, babies, and toddlers,  sleep shaping, and sleep training. I also have over 15,000 hours of in-home sleep shaping experience with newborns and have worked virtually with hundreds of families.  All that to say,  hiring me means you are hiring a highly qualified sleep coach to guide you on your journey to creating an independent sleeper. I will work alongside you, as your Baby and Sleep Training Expert to help direct and guide you through one of the most joyous, but often overwhelming, times in your life.

My cumulative knowledge and experience can’t be found on a webpage or in a Reddit thread. Plus, you can be sure you are doing it the right way, for YOUR baby, with me there to help you navigate every step of the way. 

Gain peace of mind! Invest in something far more personalized and comprehensive than a book or a blog. 

I Can Do This On My Own or Take Family’s Advice

Yes. You can absolutely listen to your mom, grandma, sister, in-laws, cute old ladies at church, and friends’ advice. Much of it comes from battle-tested experience! 

When you have a new baby, everyone wants to offer advice and helpful hints. That’s great! But, with your baby, family, and household comes a unique set of circumstances that isn’t like anyone else’s. 

They may have valuable insight, it may actually help, for a while– and if it does, that’s amazing!

However, if you still find yourself searching the internet at 2 am asking, “Why won’t my baby sleep?” or you keep telling yourself I can do this on my own, you may need advice specifically tailored to your baby.

We all say things like, “Sleep deprivation is just part of the deal, right?” and try to convince ourselves it’s normal. But I’m here to gently remind you that a baby that sleeps through the night and has healthy sleeping habits can  ALSO be normal.

You don’t have to justify your suffering. 

Each child is unique and what worked for one mom, may not work for you. That’s okay! You are still a good parent if your child isn’t sleeping well. But I know that understanding still doesn’t solve your problem!

Usually, clients have already tried these routes. The books, the Googling, the advice from friends and family. Those routes just didn’t give them success. The reason behind that is simple.

The advice wasn’t tailored to their baby

With a sleep coach, you can get individual advice, tailored to your specific situation. You also get encouragement to stay the course and help to get back on track when you hit the bumps in the road that inevitably come.  

With every virtual consultation, you get time-tested, expert advice – I listen to the specific needs and unique challenges you are currently facing with your baby. Then I  provide a step-by-step plan that includes sleep training education, printable resources, video training, and AMPLE  follow-up support to ensure you WIN at this whole sleep thing! If you’re ready to make the investment that keeps on giving click here and let’s connect!

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